Sunday, June 19, 2011

Slowing down...well not much

Hope this day finds you believing that God is good! Sometimes we can't see His working and other times we see His hand in everything we touch. In the past two weeks of my mom's rehab in a place that could have been one of the most depressing of our lives we found that God will sometimes use the toughest of circumstances to show his Almighty Hand. If you are in a place where you feel that God isn't even listening as you seek Him know that is a lie from the pit of hell! He is there but sometimes He moves in the silences in ways we could seldom imagine. As my life took a "left turn" on the road to Abu Dhabi I choose to believe  that He has the best in store for us, even when it wasn't our first choice. In the past two weeks I have been given so many opportunities to minister but had I been wallowing in my own self pity I might have missed what was right in front of my face.  There was the greeter at Walmart who expressed her concern to me about the likelihood of going to jail because of a bad choice, a lovely young mother and her son, Liam that I visited with while picking out fruit, another young family whose daughter Madison proudly recited for me the verse she learned in Vacation Bible School. Yeah, it takes me a LOT longer to get errands done but what blessings I would have missed if I had just been rushing from one task to another and not taking the time to be the conduit for a little more joy in someone's day. My tasks eventually get done but how much richer I am for the experience. I'm finding that here in Arkansas, much like where I was headed in AD, family is important and most people don't really get in too much of a hurry. Now it's back to Texas to get everything done to make the transition to our new home. Just as much work as going to AD but MUCH less paperwork!

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  1. Much less paperwork, indeed! I'm glad you're settling into this bend in the road. It may have been a blow at first, but you are already adjusting. And who says Arkansas can't be an adventure? You should go to the lost luggage place.
    This is one of the reasons I want to visit AR. Now I'll also visit you!