Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The adventure begins...

Well, it's official! I'm off to teach in Abu Dhabi, many thousands of miles away where the sand meets the sea. So the title of the blog, "Sandy Feet".  I actually came back from a walk on the beach with my wonderful daughter-in-law and realized my feet were covered in sand...see picture...I began writing in my new journal that day.
Life is not about the destination so much as the journey and every journey begins with that first step. Nobody ever gets anywhere without taking that sometimes challenging first step and many times when you walk a long road your feet are gonna get a little dirty! But what a story that dirt can tell!
So in the next few months there will be:
tears of farewell...to people and things familiar to me
laughter at memories shared
anger (at myself) for too much procrastinating
excitement as I being another phase in this great adventure called LIFE!

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